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Lowering the boundaries of your OTT market entry

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Next genereation multiscreen experience

Consumers of today don’t want to be tied to their living room to watch TV – they prefer to be able to watch their favorite content where ever they are. Tablets, Mobiles, Web and IP connected STBs have become most important channels of content consumption!

The Fuugo Platform is a next generation OTT video solution for today’s world. It allows developing a customized, branded user interface video application with a powerful cloud-based back end. It comes with ready-to-use templates and a variety of components to exactly fit your requirements. At the same time it ensures fast time to market and provide maximum cost savings.

It offers real-time control and on-the-fly revision capabilities, making it the perfect service for content owners, operators and other service providers. Fuugo Platform allows content owners to have a great video experience with their own branding!

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Fuugo Platform

Fuugo Platform is the most sophisticated multiscreen video application platform for Over-The-Top (OTT) services. It enables unique and rich video applications where your visions come alive. Fuugo is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets, Android STB’s and web.


Fuugo Back End

Fuugo Back End allows real time UI management, user configuration and billing management in a user friendly way. Cloud based servers are helping to manage your own video service anytime, anywhere.

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Fuugo Platform is lowering the boundaries for content owners, operators and other service providers to jump in to OTT based video and TV distribution. With our cloud based backend system and application framework we are able to enable professional and fully customized OTT services faster and lower costs. Cloud based solution is scalable and reliable where ever you want to run your service. With cutting edge partners, Axel is capable to provide end-to-end solution for successful multiscreen services.